Marley Tile Repair


Marley Tile Repairs

  Roof Cleaning

We offer pressure-washing services to remove build-up and restore your Marley roof to its original attractive appearance.

  Damage Repair

We inspect and repair your roof for any current or potential problems, such as damaged flashing, water damage, or broken & missing tiles.

  Old Tile Removal

If you wish to remove your current roof, we are able to efficiently and conveniently remove and collect your Marley tiles so they can be recycled for use on other tile repairs.

  Marley Tile Inventory

We have an inventory of Marley tiles in a variety of colours to replace any broken and missing tiles, and have the expertise to get your roof in top condition and reduce the possibility of future issues with it.

  Flexvent Ventilation

We will note whether the roof has sufficient ventilation and may recommend installing a FlexVent system which eliminates the need for mortar and increases fresh-air flow to the attic, resulting in lower heating and air costs, and better air quality in your house.

  Safe Environment

As with all our roof repairs, we take all necessary safety precautions to protect the property, its contents, and the people around it: tarps, zoning off areas, removal of debris, etc so your site is kept clean, organized and safe throughout the job.

“Just a short word to thank you very much for the great job on my Marley roof. It was apparent from the start that you and your team were real professionals. You guys picked up all the complex issues with my old leaky roof and fixed them quickly, with high-tech materials and at the price you quoted. Last night we had high wind and driving rain and all was dry! Thanks again.”

– Rick Knight, MD

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